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Positive impact at the heart of your business

We develop calls for projects with a positive impact in your image and for your teams and/or communities to meet your marketing, HR and CSR needs

Positive impact operation

Materialize your project with impactful audiovisual content reflecting the image of your company and anchor your commitment in memories!

Audiovisual and digital content

65% of consumers choose to buy or boycott a brand based on its CSR positions / 52% reduction in turnover recent employees who participate in corporate engagement programs

Act Today: The New Mandate for Responsible Business


Positive impact TEAMS

Revolutionize engagement by involving your employees in High Impact Projects.

Elevate their quest for meaning to a new level and become the magnet for tomorrow's emerging talents.

Internal operation

Positive impact BRANDS

Raise your CSR profile and your brand image and radically differentiate yourself with the impact operation designed for the targets and needs of your company!

External operation

Tailor-made operation

Let's create your personalized project together, perfectly aligned with the DNA of your company and in total resonance with your target audience!

Let's create a press release together in your image, exposing the impact of your operation, and distributed on the partner media of your choice!

Press relation

Distribute content that reflects your company (video, podcast, etc.), through our network of influential media partners and let your audience know your commitment.

Media broadcast

Capitalize on your project by accompanying it with audiovisual and editorial content, in your image, and highlight the positive impact of your company.

Audio-visual production

The Red Cross, the UN, the League Against Cancer and many other associations or NGOs are GlobeDreamers partners for greater positive impact.

NGOs partnerships

HEC, Essec and many other schools are GlobeDreamers partners and will be easily accessible to you if you wish to integrate their students into the project.

School partnerships

GlobeDreamers assists you, in partnership with a journalist from the media of your choice, in the communication and marketing of your impact projects.

Digital communication

Additional services

TBS Education

FEATY Magazine

Outdoor sports Valley

Orange Foundation

Some operations

Discover a selection of impactful operations carried out by our teams, in collaboration with diversified brands and varied audiences.

Discover a selection of impact projects developed and financed on our platform. Your logo is displayed on each supported project and redirects to your GlobeDreamers page dedicated to your commitments.

Example of positive impact projects

Your dynamic page

Once you join the GlobeDreamers network, a dynamic page is created to highlight your values and commitments, as well as all the projects supported and completed.